Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 ​

Smart Control | Large Beam Angle | Fast Installation

Seamless Integration with Smart Home Platform

The light integrates seamlessly with smart home hubs such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings and allows remote control via smartphone APPs. Add your own imaginative touches for your lifestyle.

Large Beam Angle to Light Up Every Corner in Your Home

The 480mm luminous surface can light up a space of 20m². Cover large spaces while minimizing dark corners.

Freely Customize Your Light in Different Scenarios

Warm light renders a soothing and relaxing environment; cool light helps you concentrate on work in an
invigorating setting. A color temperature ranging from 2700K to 6000K reproduces lighting conditions from
dawn to dusk.

Cozy "Moonlight" Leaves Darkness Behind All Night Long

The unique moonlight mode bathes a room in warm, soft, and natural light. Create
a loving ambience for kids afraid of the dark or seniors in the household.

Innovative Coupler Module Eases the Installation

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned installation method. An innovative quick coupler module allows you to
lock the lamp into the base with a push and slide. Install, replace, or clean the light in a cinch.

Dust-proof and Insects Resistant

Pesky insects and dust are kept out of the lampshade by multiple carefully designed tight-fitting layers. Our
designs seek to free you of such hassle. the best materials of the top quality

True Color For Natural Lighting

Premium LED beads with a rendering index of up to 95Ra create true natural sunlight conditions, and
eliminate the impact of a low color index on vision.

Versatile Design to Meet Home of Any Style

Yeelight LED Ceiling light 480 comes in both pure white models and the starry models in terms of the lamp shade. The pure
white model presents the sleek and simple beauty, while the starry model shines through the
star-patterned surface to illuminate the room a galaxy effect.

State-of-art Technology Creates Softer Light

The TV lens and innovative bead layout allow efficient refraction and radiation, to deliver a soft, uniform visual experience.

More Options to Control

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 supports easy, multiple controls and links to all major smart home hubs.