Enjoy Smart Home Ease

W3 Bulb works well with major smart home platforms, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa,
and Samsung SmartThings. You can also adjust the light with a touch on the Yeelight App
anytime anywhere.

Create the Right Atmosphere
with 16 Million Colors

Feel free to personalize your own lighting scenes with 16 million colors to fit any
scenarios. Meanwhile, you can always use the pre-set modes such as movie mode
or party mode on Yeelight App to decorate your special moments with colors.

Immersive Gaming

Enjoy seamless integration with major gaming
platforms, including Razer Chroma™ RGB and
Overworlf. Give you an immersive gaming experience
with different light effects triggered by game events!

Shine with Rhythm

Explore the changing colors of light flowing smoothly with music, or melt into the
beat with dazzling lights. Simply synchronize W3 bulb (or in groups) with your
favorite songs and you will enjoy them all!

Easy Setup

Enjoy a simple setup with built-in Wi-Fi and no hub. Unlike a professional installation, you
can finish the whole process yourself.

Environmental-friendly & Energy-saving

W3 Bulb saves you both energy and money with super low standby power use. With the
optimized electronic solution, W3 Bulb's standby power is approximately 0.3 watts.

Group & Remote Control
to Illuminate Every Corner

You can control multiple lights simultane-
ously to set the atmosphere for the entire
room. It can be done with a simple voice
command or a touch on the app without
you even being there.