Yeelight Mesh Downlight M2 &
Mesh Spotlight M2

Redefined Smart Lighting for the Whole House

Need to work with Yeelight Gateaway (BLE Mesh)

Glare-free Lighting

Yeelight Downlight M2 & Spotlight are de-
signed with electroplated reflective cups
that provide clear reflection and avoid glare
caused by stray reflection, preventing eye
strain after long-term use.

Hidden Source for Uniform Lighting

The light source features a hidden design for you to enjoy soft lighting without seeing the
source. It also takes ergonomics into consideration with a special design in shielding
angle and beam angle, ensuring sufficient light in a glare-free manner.

Group Light Control
without Delay

Powered by Bluetooth Mesh technology,
Yeelight Mesh Downlight M2 & Spotlight M2
make every light a "broadcasting station"
that forwards and transmits information
without compromising the bandwidth. It
also allows automatic detection and quick
connection of lights in batch, delivering you
the best ever lighting experience.

Smart Control via Home Hubs

Yeelight Mesh Downlight M2 & Spotlight M2 provide multiple smart control options.
With Yeelight APP, switching the lights on/off, adjusting brightness and color
temperature, scheduling and timer is all at your fingertips.

With Yeelight Gateway, it also supports voice control via smart home hubs such as Google Assistant,
Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa.

Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature

All Mesh series products support stepless adjustment of color temperature and
brightness, giving you the desired lighting mood from cozy warm light to refresh-
ing cold light. Whether for collection cabinets, antique shelves, display paintings,
study rooms, or for stairs, corridors and walls, you can always customize scenes
to your preference.